Another Baby? Maybe . . . Another Baby? Maybe . . .
30 Questions Regarding Pregnancy After Loss

by Sherokee Ilse and Maribeth Wilder Doerr
published by Wintergreen Press

Whether you have had a miscarriage, a baby who died in infancy from SIDS or another complication, a stillbirth, an older child die, or multiple losses, you need extra care and sensitivity as you contemplate another pregnancy. There may be times when you either feel the need to have another baby right away to fill your empty arms, or you may be afraid of ever trying again. It can be a roller coaster of emotion and confusion; the accompanying decision-making process is complicated. Getting pregnant may not be simple, nor is it easy living through another pregnancy or having another baby. All of this may add to the tension of a subsequent pregnancy.

The questions in this booklet are ones the authors have heard most frequently over the past ten or twelve years. It is their hope that Another Baby? Maybe . . . will give you things to think about if and when you get pregnant again. Physical, emotional and spiritual healing are necessary in order to have the best chance of doing well during subsequent pregnancies and as a new parent. Their intention is to touch upon many issues, knowing full well that even a 200 page book could never cover it all.

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