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For Parents Who Choose to Continue a Pregnancy Knowing Their Unborn Baby Will Die Before or Shortly After Birth


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Mom and BabyStorkNet Family is a network of sites celebrating life. Created by Maribeth Doerr and Nancy Eggleston, these sites are a part of a warm, rich network owned, not by a huge company, but rather mothers, small business owners, and most of all women, who recognize the need for women to explore beyond the confines of their homes . . . women growing through the trials and tribulations of life from the teen years through menopause and beyond.

Featured this Week:

Come One Come All... Almost
Is it possible to have a baby shower without the mom-to-be present? Not only is it possible, but there are a variety of options available for holding a fun-filled unforgettable event. Technology has made it possible to reach out and touch someone in numerous ways. Throw caution to the wind and get creative! [Click Here]

Exploring Womanhood:
Project of the Month ~ Double Duty Easter Baskets - Share the holiday with adult friends and family
Easter baskets aren't just for kids! Make them for your adult friends and family. Steven James shares ideas for creating unique and functional Easter “baskets” that have purpose year round. [Click Here]

Married Romance:
Ten Steps to Happily Ever After
Do you know what all happy and healthy marriages have in common? In every one of them you will find two people committed to making each other happy. It's not that difficult! Slade Hartwell shares ten easy ways to make it happen. [Click Here]

EriChad Grief Support:
Question of the Month ~ This month, our experts discuss, You're Lucky It Was "Just" a Baby Comments. My mom has always made comments to the effect that I'm lucky my baby died as an infant and that it would be worse if he had been 4 or 14 or 34. This makes me feel like my grief isn't valid and that I'm crazy for feeling so sad. Is there anything I can say to my mom to stop these hurtful comments? I'm not very strong when it comes to sticking up for my feelings. [Click Here]

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